A Great Cuppa is a Travel NecessiTea

…or Coffee!

We choose our travel destinations for a variety of reasons, heading to places we’re sure will deliver all the ingredients for a fantastic holiday. One thing we can’t be so sure about is the quality of beverages on offer at our chosen destination. It may seem trivial, but it really is disappointing to drink poor quality tea or coffee and have no choice except to NOT drink it! A simple pleasure like having a great cuppa can impact on your travel experience, especially if you love to start your day with a few cups as many do, me included.

You may be lucky to find a quality brand such as Ringtons on offer as I found to my delight on a recent break to Wynyard hall Country House Hotel, if not, and faced with days of tasteless tipples, it’s no surprise to discover that a survey* in 2015 showed that almost half of Brits take tea bags on holiday.

Ringtons flask and flower.jpg

It’s easier than trying to track down your favourite brands, especially abroad. Hands up who’d rather have an extra hour at the beach or out exploring rather than scouring shelves for a decent brand of beverage? Yes, me too! And that’s if there’s a shop nearby! Probably not if your bolt hole is a romantic spa hotel or B&B in the middle of nowhere!


Before a holiday most of us picture ourselves already there, perhaps blissfully lounging with a cocktail or cool beer in hand, but once there we also yearn for familiarity, that little taste of home. This probably explains why many hotels and resorts in far flung destinations offer a full English breakfast. I daydream of that first morning, Ron and I stepping into the welcoming warmth of the sun for al fresco breakfast and toasting the days ahead with a glass of bucks fizz however, reality is that the sparkling celebration can wait, as the only thing we’d really want first thing is a nice cup of tea or coffee!


On holiday or a day trip we are quite the explorers and easily spend hours discovering the delights of our destination. I’m always well prepared and have often been referred to as Mary Poppins for the array of essentials compactly stowed in my bag. That also means carrying a drink and snack picnic.There’s something quaintly satisfying about sitting down after a long walk to enjoy your favourite hot drink whilst taking in your surroundings. This could be sitting on the grass atop a Lake District Fell or perched on a rock overlooking the sea, its basic but brilliant.

Talking of essentials, I’m delighted that Ringtons asked me to try out their recently launched Essential Travel set. It’s Limited Edition and contains a stylish stainless steel vacuum flask, 50 Extra Fresh Tea Bags and a pack of All Butter Shortbread Rounds. It retails at a purse friendly £7.99.


The light and compact 0.5l flask is a perfect size for a bag or back pack, 50 tea bags should satisfy two people’s cuppa cravings on any short break or holiday and the tasty biscuits? Well, we’d be lucky if they last a day! I took mine on a recent cruise and stay holiday where the flask was ideal for enjoying hot drinks at our sun loungers and beach side rather than popping to the room or buffet to make drinks and carry them back. Lets face it, there always comes a moment when amidst the cocktails and bottles of water, all you want is a great cuppa!


Well that’s all for this post…I’m off to put the kettle on!

Thanks for reading, bye for now. June x

To find out about the Essentials Travel Set and other products that travel well visit www.ringtons.co.uk

*source Daily Mail







4 thoughts on “A Great Cuppa is a Travel NecessiTea

  1. LOVE THIS! I always take my own coffee on holiday with me. Steve tells me off as thinks when we are in another country we should 100% eat their produce and whilst I would agree, I do have to say that nothing beats an English cuppa and it’s something I can’t and won’t compromise on 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Samantha. So you’re another one of the 48ish % who do! I agree with you totally and Steve in part. I love trying local drinks and most recently brought back Vietnamese tea and bought the bee pollen they served with it too. Still not as nice as my good old favourites! 😉


    1. Thanks Doreen. I agree the Ringtons set is a great gift idea too. I know you do and I’ve been stockpiling any Earl Grey tea bag sachets I come across so you’ll not have to make do with one tea bag next time you come to visit hopefully 😉


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