My Soundtrack to Summer

I have two passions in life (apart from my husband and family) one you’ve probably guessed already is Travel, the other is Music. Although primarily a fan of Mod, guitar bands and 60’s music my record collection – yes record as in Vinyl – is very diverse and ranges from my favourite band The Jam, through Punk and Heavy Rock to Big Band sounds and Olivia Newton-John! So a high priority for me is taking music on holiday. My iPod’s are filled with music for every mood and setting – beach, pool, getting ready, chilling out and travelling…not just abroad…yes we all have our ‘car songs’ too!

Now this is not my ‘Desert Island Discs’ but it is a summer equivalent containing songs guaranteed to make me smile and, if I’m at home, mix some Mojito’s, grab a sun hat and hit the garden (this bit of course is optional depending on weather!!).

Some songs are on the list because they evoke happy memories of a particular time in my childhood or adult life, which I’ve mentioned a bit about, others just because I really love them for being what they are…summery. The list is in no particular order except for the first song and I’ve included a playlist so you can have a listen too!

Summertime – DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince (aka Will Smith)

Now this song is the one that really transports me straight to a balmy summer day, with images of happy people dancing around or hanging out of open top cars cruising along the seafront!

Beautiful Day – Ziggy Marley

This is my go to happy song! it just makes me feel so uplifted, glad to be alive, thankful for what I have and grateful to live in such a beautiful world.

Let Your Love Flow – Bellamy Brothers

I have always loved this song from being a young girl, it’s such a ‘feel good’ song and to this day it remains one of my all time favourites.

Club Tropicana – Bossasonic

I came across this cover version of WHAM’s great holiday classic a few years ago and if there’s one song that will have you dreaming of sipping cocktails in a cool beach club then this is it!

Wouldn’t It Be Nice – Beach Boys

I love the story of boy and girlfriend who dream of the time they’ll live together

The Boys of Summer – Don Henley

This song was a big hit in my younger ‘going out’ days. I loved the song and the story of summertime and be honest ladies, didn’t we all want to be that lovely tanned beauty depicted in the lyrics?

Get Right – Jennifer Lopez

This great dance tune reminds me of a holiday Ron and I had in Turkey. We were friendly with the resort photographer nicknamed ‘paparazzi’. One evening he asked if we’d like to go into town with him and his friends as he thought we looked like ‘really fun people’. Well!…what a compliment bearing in mind he was in his 20’s and we in our 40’s…how could we resist! A young couple at the resort joined us too and what ensued was a great night including dancing on tables, which I can’t remember but Ron insists did happen, and I still love the memory of singing/dancing to this song, arm in air a la J-Lo in DJ mode from the video! (amazing video too).

Summer Night City – Abba

Listening to this just parachutes me back to a family trip to Scarborough when, aged 13, we were walking through Peaseholme Park enjoying the atmosphere of the warm early evening when in the midst of this happy moment this song was played over the loud speakers. I remember just feeling so happy at that moment. Abba were riding high in the charts with this song at the time and I loved it. Not having music on demand back then as we do now, it was always a thrill when your favourite song of the moment was played anywhere.

Summer (the first time) – Bobby Goldsburg

I love the cool, chilled out vibe of the dreamy music which sets the scene for the story of a chance and brief encounter on a hot sunny day.

Barbados – Typically Tropical

When I was young this song was the one that made you dream of jetting off to exotic places with its lyrics about palm trees, sunshine and the Caribbean sea. It just seemed so exciting! especially when your holidays were usually at a caravan park in Scarborough or the likes.

The Girl From Ipanema – Frank Sinatra Version.

I just love this song and for no particular reason. Whenever I’m in a piano bar and they ask for requests, this is normally the one I ask for. The musical arrangement on this version reminds me of the series ‘Mad Men’…which is a good thing too!

Things Can Only Get Better – D:ream

This reminds me of the first summer when I’d met Ron. We heard it regularly on our nights out and it became one of ‘our songs’. It was also played at our wedding do and I remember me, Ron and my best friend dashing from the lounge and pushing past guests in the function room to hit the dancefloor – happy memories.

Here’s my Soundtrack to Summer – Hope you’ll have a listen and that it makes you smile too 🙂

I know you’ll all have summer songs you love, let me know your favourite.

Bye for now, June xx



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