Britain Does Vintage…

…and they do it really well.

So much so that I can’t wait to visit another of their events and will be heading to The Clayshed’s Big Vintage Festival, Newcastle in April.

I attended my first ever Vintage Festival last year and it came about purely by chance. Driving back from a weekend break visiting Chatsworth House, my husband Ron and I decided to stop off somewhere on our way home and make the most of the day. A quick internet search for events in the Yorkshire area showed something that piqued our interest ‘Scampston Hall Big Vintage Festival’ in Malton. A fair organised by Britain Does Vintage promising vintage cars, music, stalls, food and more, delivered in the grounds of a beautiful hall we’d not visited before, what’s not to love about that, so off we set.

The conversation on the journey there was peppered with comments of the grey skies and hoping the rain would stay put within the clouds above. Although the rain did not behave itself and kept putting in sporadic appearances throughout the next few hours, that could not put a dampener on this event for us. ToddandMoore HI RES08The first thing we noticed was the great atmosphere in the air, a real feel good vibe. There was plenty on offer for everyone and the setting was gorgeous, just perfect for a picnic. Bunting hung in air amongst the trees and marquees and seating was provided in the form of colourful deckchairs and hay bales. Some old fashioned lawn games were on offer too. For anyone who prefers to travel light without a picnic, several catering options were on offer along with ice cream and of course a Vintage Tea Tent.

IMG_2740 (2)Strolling around the vintage vehicle rally was a pleasure as we mused about the history of the beautifully maintained motors. Most owners will enthusiastically engage in conversation with you and answer any questions about their pride and joy.

IMG_2769 (2)IMG_2768 (2)IMG_2772 (2)IMG_2767 (2)A jaunt over to the dance marquee led to a very interesting chat with the instructors who were there to deliver fun lessons in a dance called the Lindy Hop (this dance was very popular during the swing era). It was interesting to hear that they had themselves only started dancing in later life and had become hooked, this then led to attending events like this one to encourage more people to enjoy dancing. On this occasion we declined to have a go, in part because we hadn’t expected the opportunity plus we were wrapped up against the cold however, I’d love to try something on another visit.

In need of a little refreshment we decided on a warming cuppa in the Vintage Tea Tent. Afternoon tea was to be the highlight for most people today with plenty tucking in when we took our seats however, after a hearty breakfast in our hotel, as you do when someone else is making it for you, we resisted temptation and stuck with the tea.


IMG_2739 (2)I love the setting of Vintage Tea Tents and rooms, and sitting here was the ideal for a spot of people watching. This though was the crème de la crème of people watching as we admired the wonderful effort people had made in dressing up for the occasion in fantastic vintage outfits.  I’ve not seen so many Victory Rolls and red lips in one place before. For those unfamiliar with vintage, the Victory Roll is a hairstyle popularised in the 1940s and is said to be named after a WW2 fighter plane aerobatic manoeuvre, though other stories abound. This style was worn by many attendees of the event as well as some of the entertainers like the fabulous Diamond Darlings pictured below. There was even a pop up beauty salon in one of the marquees where you could have your hair styled into Victory Rolls or try out other vintage looks.

IMG_2770 (2)



IMG_2816 (2)This leads perfectly into mentioning the fantastic entertainers we enjoyed during our visit which included the aforementioned Diamond Darlings a fabulous female duo singing not just  vintage songs but new numbers with a twist, award winning vintage vocalist Lianna Haynes singing hit songs from the 50’s & 60’s and The Last Resort a band who play music from the blues, swing and big band eras. (unfortunately I did not get a photo of Lianna).

IMG_2771 (2)

IMG_2738 (2)Next up was a visit to the marquees and their array of stalls featuring some of the most divine vintage products. Now, being a bit of a Mod, the vintage style is not for me but that’s not to say I don’t appreciate the beauty of the look, fashion and other items synonymous with vintage.  I love casting my eye over beautiful products and memorabilia from days gone by and imagining them being used in everyday life, this could be anything from a dress or pair of spectacles to a trinket or typewriter!

There was nothing to disappoint about this event apart from wishing we’d arrived earlier to enjoy it even more. But not to worry, 2016 brings another programme of Vintage Fairs at venues throughout Britain. Find out more on the organisers website at:

After Scampston Does Vintage, Ron and I agreed we’d love to visit another Vintage Fair so it’s fair to say (boom boom!) I was delighted to be invited by the organisers to attend the Clayshed’s Big Vintage Festival at Hoult’s yard in Newcastle. It’s on Saturday 23rd April 2016 and is closer to home , which means I’ll be up bright and early, maybe make a nod toward Vintage with a bit of red lippy and only have a bit of toast for breakfast so I can partake in a spot of Afternoon Tea, ice cream and more!

So you may not see me sporting Victory Rolls or arm length satin gloves but you might spot me and the Hubby trying the lindy hop as we’ll be the ones stamping on each other’s toes!

Thanks for visiting the blog, bye for now, June xx

*Images on this page include my own and some provided for use by Britain Does Vintage





2 thoughts on “Britain Does Vintage…

    1. It was Samantha, it’s great when you stumble across these experiences by chance. Thanks, it is fab but I can’t take credit for it, it was kindly provided by Britain Does Vintage. I always take loads of photos but wasn’t blogging then so didn’t take as much ‘care’ with my pics 😊


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