Where did my love of Travel begin?

Hi there and welcome to my first blog post….and as it Valentine’s day, let’s talk about love…

No, not about my Husband ha ha! but answering the question:

Where did my love of Travel begin?

Me and the Hubby on the Celebrity Solstice cruise ship


I suppose I should start at the beginning!

Apart from two caravan camping holidays aged 10 & 14, my passion for travel started the minute I walked (well…more like ran) up the steps onto the plane on my first holiday abroad aged 19 (to Magaluf with friends, as you did in the mid eighties!). I’ll never forget that feeling of excitement as I boarded that plane and to be fair my excitement begins much earlier these days , as far as I’m concerned my holiday starts the minute I leave the house to hit the road to wherever!

My generation and onwards are so privileged to have more time and opportunities for travelling compared to our parents/grandparents etc. My feeling is that I’m only on this earth once and I’d love to see as much of this wonderful world as I can.

Many people think of travel as being 1 or 2 week holiday or short break abroad and of course it is however, I also love a UK break and a good old day out locally and in the surrounding counties. Whether you fly, sail, drive, take the train or bus to get there, it’s a travel experience in my book.

I have travelled far and wide at home and abroad by all modes of transport however, anyone who knows me would tell you I LOVE a good Cruise adventure. So it’s safe to say that travel in all its forms is a great passion in my life. Even a trip down to Roker Beach, for a walk followed by a cuppa and bacon buttie at the Cat and Dog steps café, gets me excited!…see, you don’t have to go far to have happy moments.

So why the Blog? Well, I’m always asked advice on the destinations I’ve travelled to, what to do there and even what to wear (I’ve advised many a friend on a capsule holiday wardrobe).  It’s a great feeling when someone returns from a place I’ve recommended them to and they tell me what a wonderful time they’ve had.  However, we lead very busy lives these days and often don’t have the time we’d like to stop and chat with people about our holidays, never mind show our holiday photos. So, with that in mind, I decided to start the blog.

This blog will give me an extra resource to direct people to, where they can find inspiration and information. I love to inspire people to enjoy even the smallest travel experience and if one of my experiences can inspire just one person to have a great time…well that makes me really happy indeed.

I’ll be sharing ‘Jems’ of information about a variety of travel topics including places I’ve visited and think you would enjoy. I want this blog to be a positive resource for visitors, therefore if it’s been good or great I’ll tell you about it. If not, then I won’t. I’m not in the business of giving bad press, after all, it’s only my opinion.

Why Jems I hear you ask, not Gems? Well, JEM is my initials, so Travel Jems was born.

Well that’s a bit about me, and all for now as I’d love you to come back! (I don’t want you losing the will to say awake..ha ha!)

Next time I’ll be sharing my thoughts on my Asian Adventure Cruise and Stay Holiday in December 2015. It was fab and I’m looking forward to telling you about it. June xx

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